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Motor Yacht

  • Model: Sea Ray 400

  • Year built: 2000


4 Passengers

2 Cabins


2 Heads

Sea Ray_edited.jpg

Want To Learn Cruising?

Introducing Dio.N, a Sea Ray 400, a motor cruiser designed to elevate your experience on the water. Built with a focus on comfort, performance, and versatility, this exceptional vessel is perfectly suited for our RYA Motor Cruising Courses, providing an ideal platform to develop your motor cruising skills.


Dio.N offers a spacious and well-appointed interior, creating an ideal environment for training. The salon provides a comfortable and versatile space for theoretical lessons, briefings, and debriefings, fostering an interactive and engaging learning environment. With its plush seating, ample natural light, and panoramic views, this area serves as a perfect setting to enhance your understanding of motor cruising principles.


M/Y Dio.N - Sea Ray 400 is equipped with advanced navigational and safety systems, allowing students to gain practical experience in modern motor cruisers. From learning about chart plotting and GPS navigation to understanding radar and VHF communication, this vessel offers the opportunity to master essential skills for safe and efficient motor cruising. The yacht's reliability and stability ensure a secure training environment, enabling students to build confidence and competence at their own pace.


The exterior of Dio.N - Sea Ray 400 showcases a spacious and versatile cockpit area, perfect for practical training exercises. The helm station provides excellent visibility, allowing students to hone their boat handling skills under the guidance of experienced instructors. The well-designed layout of the cockpit allows for easy movement and maneuvering, facilitating effective communication between students and instructors during training sessions.


Overall, Dio.N is an ideal vessel for your RYA Motor Cruising Course and guarantees a transformative learning experience. With its spacious interior, advanced navigation systems, and comfortable handling, this vessel sets the stage for you to develop the skills and confidence needed to become a skilled motor cruiser driver.

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